Social Media – Getting to know Pinterest

I know that this is a hot topic in the circle I run in, so hope this helps. A special thank you to Callie Goode, she is helping me by writing an article here and there……

So in past the few months, the popular pin board community known as Pinterest has experienced an overwhelming growth rate. People in all aspects of life are now sharing a wide variety of subjects with their friends and family. Unlike other social media explosions, Pinterest had its start in rural Iowa by its creator, Ben Silverman, which initially captured the attention of working and stay at home moms and Mormons in the area. While we, particularly women, know that it completely possible to spend hours “liking” and “repining” thousands of recipes, fitness tips, crafts, jokes, and much more, the question remained if Pinterest could be a real influence in small business marketing. The answer was first discovered by Jason Miles, co-owner and marketer for Liberty Jane Clothing. He has found such success using Pinterest to market his business, that he has now begun compiling a marketing guide based on Pinterest called “Pinterest Power”. In that text, he outlines several aspects that are worth noting when considering including it as part of your online business plan. He begins by explaining that the most inherently powerful part of Pinterest can’t even be found on the site. Rather, it is a popular browser add-on called “Pinmarklet”. Its function of this add-on is to gather and collect all the “pinnable content” within any given site. Becaude of this, Mr. Miles suggests that any one serious about utilizing Pinterest as part of their marketing strategy create a unique and “pinnable” friendly graphic that summarizes the mission and goal of your business. This will create a situation where when a user visits your site, they will be able to pin that content to their boards and share with followers. This is called creating a “link back”, which is the fastest and most effective way to become noticed on Pinterest. Other suggestions consist of looking at your business analytics and optimizing your marketing plan to its highest potential, creating a profile that makes you seem strong and intelligent, inviting your other social networking following to see your boards, and focusing on being as visually appealing as possible. Beyond tips to enhance your Pinterest experience as a business user, he also offers four reasons why Pinterest is much more time effective than other social media outlets. Do you ever get tired of writing statuses for your Facebook fan page? If you answered yes, you’ll be thrilled to know there is none of that with Pinterest, all you have to do is pin a post and walk away! How easy is that? The second attribute that Pinterest possess is that is not based on anyone’s real time actions. In a world where we are increasingly obsessed with what everyone is doing every moment of the day, this can be a refreshing change of pace to many. Next, Mr. Miles calls attention to the fact that Pinterest is based on a grassroots concept where each user creates their own unique visual experience by the boards they create and the selections they pin to them. Lastly, he wants users to make note of the longevity of Pinterest posts in comparison to that of other social media mediums. In a comparison study, they tracked the “half-life” of posts in Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. The results showed that a Twitter post remained active for 2.8 hours, a Facebook post remained “live” for 3.1 hours, and a Youtube video remained “new” for about 7 hours. Even though Pinterest was not included in this comparison, Jason believes a Pinterest post has a similar or even longer half-life to that of Youtube.
In conclusion, after dabbling in using Pinterest for my own uses and listening to this audio file, I am wholeheartedly convinced that Pinterest can have a serious influence on the small business scene. Next time you need an additional tool in your marketing arsenal, I hope you give Pinterest a fair chance to help you become overwhelmingly successful. Until next time

~ Callie Goode


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