Making Sales Calls

You are the expert in what you do. You are the expert on your product, your service and/or your offering, your prospect is not. It is a huge mistake to assume that your prospect knows or understands the value of what you have to offer. You must make your message so clear that even a child would understand the value.

How many times have you or your sales person called and left a message with a prospective client, assuming that the person on the other end know’s as much as you about your product?  And my next question is “How many return calls from that message did you get a response from?”

Whether it’s you or your sales people making the phone calls, you need to be very clear what you are wanting to talk to them about.  Phone call messages, like text messages and emails can be ignored a lot easier than reaching a live person.  And you know what I mean… how many messages in any form have you ignored because you didn’t want to talk to them or you just plain didn’t get what they were talking about and were too busy to care.

Today business owners receive thousands of spam emails, phone calls, and text messages all having the latest and greatest products/services the world has to offer, and they all say “your business must have this”.

As a Marketing/Advertising person, I can tell you that I don’t use these techniques, however I am bombarded everyday with people telling me I need their services, we should partner together or if you don’t do this your business will die.  I have gotten to the point of filtering so that I can still do my job. There are times the phones ring so much, I threaten to throw them out the door. lol

So what is needed is a direct line of communication when we or our sales force makes calls to potential clients.  Follow the basic if you have to leave a message.

1. Who you are (name and company)

2. Why you are calling for (be precise)

3. How your services can help the company (have your facts, which means do your homework on their company before you call)

4. Request a meeting (ask for a meeting to deliver info and discuss)

5. State a time you will call back if you have not heard from them

Business Owners here so much, make sure you are unique in your delivery. It is what’s unique that gets their attention.  Also make sure you or your sales force is keeping good notes on contact dates and times, what was said and what response so that the business owner knows they are special and not just a “list” number being called.

The more you know about the person you are contacting the better impression you leave.  This will set you apart from the so many others that make calls. So take the time to do your homework and happy sales!!

If you have a savvy sales pitch that opens the door for you, share it with us so that others can learn the right way to make sales calls.

Have a profitable week!




3 comments on “Making Sales Calls

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